Halfway House Music Podcast #017 – The Last One Edition


1) Agata – Imaginary People
2) Desert Eagle – Pete Quirk
3) Break The Chain – Ultimate Painting
4) Hollywood Forever – Halfway House Sessions – Tyler Lyle
5) Blood Red Sentimental Blues – Halfway House Sessions – Cotton Jones
6) Underwater(You & Me) – Halfway House Sessions – Alec Ounsworth
7) Oh! To Know – Halfway House Sessions – Valentiger
8) Your White Hand – Halfway House Sessions – Ribbons Of Song
9) Ringbearer – Halfway House Sessions – Frontier Ruckus
10) On My Way – Halfway House Sessions – Ivan & Alyosha
11) Alabama/Mississippi – Halfway House Sessions – Jon Russell(The Head & The Heart)
12) Time Back – Shades
13) Just Drive(Version 1) – Edmond Dantés
14) I Can See Glory – The Winchester Sessions – Benjamin Riley

Watch & download the tracks from the Halfway House Sessions here.

Halfway House Music Podcast #016 – The Independence Edition


Without freedom of speech we wouldn’t be able to broadcast this nonsensical babble so we sat down on the Fourth of July – America’s Day – to celebrate all things America by featuring a bunch of bands from Stockholm & beyond. Somewhere in between we manage to discuss loose loose shorts, family plans, ‘end of roll’ reminders, enemas & hand candy. Oh!!! – & Adam coughs a bunch.

The music??? 14 tracks containing lots of fantastic.

Download. Share. Stream.

1) Tight Tight Pants – The Dirty Moogs
2) The Reaper Man – Trevor Sensor
3) The Road – Man Of Moon
4) No Applause – Martha Ffion
5) Booored – Magic Potion
6) All & Everyone – Small Feet
7) We’re Falling – Little Children
8) Ignites – Why We Run
9) Hyperion Moon – Cvlture
10) Another Morning – Waterfront Dining
11) Use Me – Culture Culture
12) Let Go – Seapony
13) Morning World – Teen Daze
14) On The Shore – Idaho


Halfway House Music Podcast #015 – The Sasquatch Edition


On this action packed episode – we celebrate our 15th anniversary with discussions on tree crotches, tinkering, beach ball anxiety, this weeks #TWAH, but mostly the Sasquatch Music Festival. In fact – we even have some interviews with festival goers. Plus a whole lot of fantastic music.

NOTE – The ALTERNATE version of the podcast is above. To download the Original version – click here.

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1) Sasquatch – Stompin’ Tom Connors
2) Test Yourself – Sea Of Bees
3) Sheila – White Reaper
4) Wait For You – Death Valley Girls
5) 4th & Roebling – The Districts
6) Pieces – Tanlines
7) No Tomorrows – The Cave Singers
8) Jet In Jungle – Damaged Bug
9) Got An F – Jaill
10) Tick – Weaves
11) Understood – Abram Shook
12) Dark Creedence – Nap Eyes
13) Someone Like You – Winter
14) Firing Squad – Jordan Klassen
15) California Song – Patrick James
16) Willow Tree – Chad VanGaalen

Some guy can edit a video like this & post it on YouTube but we can’t honor Stompin’ Tom Connors on our podcast??? C’mon SoundCloud.

Halfway House Music Podcast #014 – Full Panther Edition


This time we’re on location @ a cottage on the outskirts of LeRoy Michigan. We discuss our time in Leroy, leftovers property rights, finding the right reading position & other nonsense. Most importantly we feature 16 tracks for your ears including some Halfway House Music Session alums.

1) Pickpocket – The Late Call
2) Gone In A Second – Marsicans
3) Summer – Munroe
4) Saltwater – Geowulf
5) Winter Is For Kierkegaard – Tyler Lyle
6) These Are The Mountains Moving – Fort Frances
7) These Are The Days – Zach Winters
8) She’s A Witch – Gengahr
9) Inside Out – Avalanche City
10) Drag – Day Wave
11) I Was A Wolf – Jeff Stuart & The Hearts
12) It’s A Shame – Big Harp
13) Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em & Forget ‘Em – Anderson East
14) Nostalgia – Martin Luke Brown
15) Thule – Hilang Child
16) Louisiana Saturday Night – Don Williams

Halfway House Music Podcast #013


Laissez les bon temps roulez!!! The Halfway House Music Podcast returns with its 13th episode which means there’s 13 new delicious tracks to enjoy as well as the usual nonsensical banter. Adam & I discuss bathroom attendants, cracking the code in paintings, naming a dog Chantix & reheated eggs among other things life.


1) Skeleton – Trails & Ways
2) I Wanna Go Fast – Warm Soda
3) Rockets – Moon City Boys
4) Seventeen – Twinsmith
5) Wait – Lazyeyes
6) The Money – Number Station
7) Wired – Fonkynson
8) Indiana Rose – Barna Howard
9) Hanging Around My Door – bonny doon
10) All My Own – Mat Churchill & The Backyard Town
11) In The Summertime – Jordan Hull
12) Ontario Gothic – Foxes In Fiction
13) Love In Return – Big Search

Our goal is to get this video to 100,000 views by the time we record our next podcast. Okay – 50000. HaHa!!! No really – 48000 people.

You’re welcome.

New Music – The National ‘Sunshine On My Back’


The National have returned with a new song – leftover from the Trouble Will Find Me sessions. We’ll gladly take all the table scraps from The National.

They’ll be playing the Eaux Claires Music Festival in July. We’ll -of course- be there.

Halfway House Music Podcast #012


With the latest issue – we cut down on 10 minutes but somehow still manage to share 15 new tracks with you. Did we really edit our nonsensical babble out??? Heck no – plenty of that remains intact. We just chose shorter songs. Silly goose. Our chats include wind chimes, being great, being famous, Batman logos on your driveway & my trip to SXSW to hang out @ the Creative Many Michigan House.


1) Hot Scary Summer – Villagers
2) Secret Friend – Grounders
3) Wicket Youth – Sego
4) Nothing Means Nothing – Michael Rault
5) Don’t Leave – Peter Wolf Crier
6) Again – Faith Healer
7) Under Her Sails – Malpas
8) Clairvoyant – Swim Team
9) Night Drive – Part Time
10) Susisfine – Heat
11) Révélation – Laure Briard
12) Quel Quoi – Corridor
13) Ride Off Into The Sunset – Unlikely Friends
14) Taste For Blood – Smokey Brights
15) Shape – Breakfast In Fur

New Music – Vox Vidorra – ‘We’re So Lonely’


Vox Vidorra is the latest project from Blue Molly’s uber talented Molly B & involves some very talented musicians: Scott Schultz Ryan K. Wilson & Theo Ndawillie II. They’ll be celebrating the release of their debut album Promise Land @ Founders on April 25th. You can jam out to their first single below.


The Live From The Living Room EP was recorded -you guessed it- live in a living room. Consider this a sneak preview of the forthcoming album.

Get to know Vox Vidorra: BandCamp. Facebook. iTunes.

Silo Sessions – Brian Wheat

Photo by Shutter Sam Photography.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve uploaded a Halfway House Session – so that’s why we’re stoked to share this exclusive premiere of our good friend Brian Wheat’s Silo Session. Buffalo native/Minneapolis based Wheat teams up with the hometown music video blog to record two tracks from his fourth album Way Down Below. We love the idea of recording in a silo as one of our favorite band’s debut album(Great Lakes Swimmers self-titled) utilized the same concept. Compound that with one of our favorite humans and we feel like it’s definitely a winner.

Brian Wheat offers ‘a unique blend of Canadiana and Southwest dark film score folk’ on his forthcoming album which features some kick ass horns from members of Calexico. WDB was recorded @ Stone House Recording – home of the Halfway House Sessions – by the über-talented Peter Fox. Mr Wheat’s ‘Shiner St’ is featured on Halfway House Music Podcast #010 – but – ‘@ last’ ‘you & I’ can listen to another track ‘way down below’.

Silo Session 31 : Brian Wheat from silosessions on Vimeo.

Get to know Brian Wheat: Website. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.

Be sure to check out some other videos from Buffalo’s Silo Sessions – including their sesh with Halfway House alum Small Houses.

Halfway House Music Podcast #011


On this edition of the wildly popular music blog/podcast – we showcase 15 new(er) tracks. Discussions include bundling up, Puerto Rico, AirBnB & the demise of our world courtesy of mobile devices.


1) Something To Believe In – Tall Tales & The Silver Lining
2) Vamala – Champs
3) Year of the Dragon – Guy Blakeslee
4) Let The Mountain Come To You – Sam Cohen
5) Come Back Around – Strange Babes
6) Beat of Your Heart – Summer Heart
7) Keeping Everyone Happy – Mat Shoare
8) Ivan – Von Sell
9) Human – Kagu
10) I Know – Madaila
11) Valley of Tears – Pure X
12) Stranger – Alfie Connor
13) Sea Creatures – SOAK
14) Brazil – Declan/McKenna
15) Wake – Manatee Commune

Stop by the Creative Many Michigan House in Austin during SXSW – March 16-19!!! Also – check them out on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

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